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The Legend of Spyra The Next Purple Dragon Chapter 4

Writter/Illistrator/Author: is me

Back at Legnas shop, Drax, Legna, Spyra, and Pyro were eating dinner. Which was sheep and fruit. (yumm... not) ("Ok if your wondering what kind of shop it is, its a herbal/ dragon doctor.") "So Spyra how about we start your training tomorrow morning." Legna said to Spyra. "Oh ok, sounds great." she answered back. Meanwhile, in a place called the Dark Valley, Hrothgar was trainning 10 young dragons of different ages (about 5 and up. I know what your thinking..OMG that's child abuse right?)to free a very evil dragon from his prison one day. "Is that the best you can do? Finish him... remember what I said about showing mercy toward an enemy!!" said Hrothgar to a young pink female dragon (bet you can't guess who! If you can't.. read Dark Deception) "Oh sorry sir" she answered raiseing her paw to hit her apponent. "But not to hard...don't want you to end up killing him now." Hrothgar said to her as she scratched the dragon she was dueling's cheek. "AAARRGGH!!" he yelled as he lifed his paw to his face to stop the bleeding. "Lucky shot." he said to her. "Thanks." she answered aloud. "Sorry for doing it so hard though." she whispered to him, as she walked over next to him and sat down. "Hm. It's fine, all part of the practice ya know." he said back quietly. "Very goood." Hrothgar said to her. "Now let's see if you can be lucky enough to hit her back." he said to the boy dragon. "Wha..but..she's a girl!" he answered. Then Hrothgar walked up to him, and pinned him down with his huge paw. "Don't ever say something so stupid again!" he yelled. "Just cause of dragons gender..doesn't make a difference you fool. Females can be just as powerful, you fool!" he also said to him as he trembled under his paw. "I..I..I'm sorry..s..sir." the young dragon answered back frightened. "Now get up!" Hrothgar growled. "And hit her back..harder." he said with a evil smile. All the two young dragons did was stare at one another for a moment, then he did what he was told. Then there was aloud scream that echoed the mountains where they were.

To be continued...
hey you guys here's chapter 4.. yeah i know its short. anyway enjoy... X)
BlueDragonsBum Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Student Writer
I luv dees!

Iz so awesome!

SpyraDragoness Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol ^^'
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